Feeding Stray Animals

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Participate in our animal-feeding mission and help us continue creating a better tomorrow for the tounge-tied.


1948 – 2020

Materialistic Wealth & Happiness isn't Real Happiness.


As humans, we are super blessed, but animals, especially dogs, the most loyal creature in the universe, can’t speak anything. They are tongue-tied, and it’s our sole duty to understand them, help and feed them whenever we can.

Join Us in Feeding Stray Animals​

After the lockdown, we have narrowed our feeding to weekends with our early morning cycle feed. We divide ourselves into groups and start by feeding stray animals in different places and later meet at a certain point and go further for cycling and fitness.


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Our mission is to help every stray animal being timid from fear of people, cars, and nearly everything encompassing them. They need our help, and we INDER THE ARMOUR stands strong with them as their armour.


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Making masks & fighting pandemic

Inder the armour works for welfare and not for profit. We are one of India’s first self mask-making corporations; all of our profits are used to feed stray animals.

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